Remember this picture? If you played Dungeons and Dragons in the 80’s

you probably do. When I saw this I said to myself “One day I will be a fantasy artist, oh yes.”

I would see a ton of Larry’s art over the years, mostly it was this guy fighting dragons.

You can see more of his awesome art here

Did you see he was selling paintings for like $5000? Wowie Zowie I want some of that!

I always thought that would be a fun job. Make money painting B.A. stuff like this. Going to conventions as a guest of honor.

So this will be one of my goals to be accomplished within the next 5 years: Have some of my art published in a role playing game. DnD would be preferred but any RPG company will do. If the 5 year deadline is coming and my art has yet to be published in any RPG material I suppose I will just have to create my own adventure or something and use my own art.