Today we will learn how to make a shop on, the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace.

1. Make something. You can make paintings like I did. Here is an example:

2. Scan or photograph your painting. Be sure to edit your picture as certainly there will be something you will want fix before you post it.

3. Go to and create an account. Click sell in the top left corner of the website and it will take through a very simple process for you to create your shop. Having an email address, paypal and credit card account will be very handy too. Here is my shop

4. List your items. It costs $.20 to list an item for 4 months and etsy takes 3.5% commission but the shop is free.  The process is super easy and etsy walks you through it no problems.

The hard part is picking which paintings to do first. I used the paintings I have gotten the most comments on via Facebook and my one art show. Here are some examples:

I also read this article on about which paintings sell best. It said traditional landscapes, so guess what…

You also need to figure out the right prices and shipping. Prices are a subject for another blog and for now I am paying for shipping until I get a better handle and the cost of shipping. I still make a profit so what the heck.

5. Post a link to your shop on Facebook. A couple of hours after posting my link I sold that desert landscape. My aunt was the one who bought it but still super cool.

6. Grab some iced tea and wait for the money to roll in.