Wayne Reynolds is another artist that has worked with Dungeons and Dragons a lot. My first encounter with Wayne Reynolds art was when I was thumbing through the third edition Monster Manual and saw this gargoyle.

Look how beautiful that is. I looked through the book and found that most of my favorite pictures were also his. He has a very strong style and all of his paintings ooze “cool”.

Later in life I was playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering and realized his art was popping up again and again as I as I crushed my opponents. Here is one of my favorites

See all the drama of being hunted by a creepy vampire. Wayne’s art has been featured in games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Magic: the Gathering and more. See more of Wayne’s art and read about the legend here.

I have also used some his paintings for inspiration in my own work.

I used the wizard from the cover of the 4th Edition Player’s Handbook(left) as a model for this Gryffindor hottie painting(right) I made for my friend.

Mr. Reynolds has lots of experience and offers this advice, “Keep practicing your artwork. Observation is the key. Look at the world and keep drawing what you see.  Most importantly….create artwork in the way that works for you! Your artwork will be better for it. It’s taken me over 20 years of practice to be able to paint how I do…..and I’m still trying to get things right!”