A while back I went a week without watching television and you know what happened? This

That is a diorama of a dungeon in a shoebox. Take heed or this could happen to you.

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You will spend hours creating wallpapers and gluing them to the inside of a shoebox. You will make tables and doors out of popsicle sticks and carefully painting them.  See the shackles on the wall next to that eye? You don’t want to know how many twist ties had to perish to create those.

Do you know how many hours it takes to paint these tiny portraits. More time then I have so I had to use stamps and make little frames with cereal boxes and markers.

You have eat at a lot of restaurants to get enough toothpicks to make a portcullis like this one.

Staging photos like this is time consuming as well.

I had find just the right bottle lid for this cauldron. Once you find the lid you like then you have to eat all of the olive oil so you can use it. Nailing feet at just the right angle is no treat either. Cutting those little sticks to the right size for tiny firewood requires the precision of a Swiss jeweler.

This just one of the examples of the horrors of going without television. Other side-effects include: exercise, book reading, talking to friends and family and the cooking of healthy meals. Don’t let this happen to you.