First the good stuff. If you can tell me who or what is going to be revealed in the foreground of the painting I am showing in this post you will win. The first people to post the correct response on my blog, facebook page, facebook fan page, or twitter will receive a no-prize that I will give them. Is the prize real? Yes. Will it be amazing? Maybe not, but it will be cool. There is no deadline to this contest so you can wait until I reveal the picture and then post if you like and be eligible to win the prize.

There will be one winner for each the media sites I mentioned. People that live in my house are not eligible to win.

This painting was started with a crude sketch and then the darkest areas were filled with black paint.

After that more colors are added to make sure the composition of the painting will be sound. It is better to know these things before spending hours on fine details.

Once the composition is confirmed to be acceptable paint is used to define the base shapes that detail will be added on to.

Next some background detail is added. Now the painting is ready for the fine detail step.