I am very proud of my new players. They are young and they are video gamers, so I though they were going to be all about combat. But this group has some of the best role-players I have seen. I wonder if they might prefer role-playing because so far the combats have been really tough and they would prefer to avoid combat by any means necessary.

After the party thwarted the zombie infestation they found the cause of the trouble was a crystal called the necroshard. The party Swordmage of course strapped this necroshard to his longsword hoping it would make the sword more powerful.  The sword is now magicked but methinks it will come with a terrible curse too. Mwah hah hah.

The party did some investigating and figures a necroshard would probably be employed by the Golgari. They ventured to the nearest rot farm to question Savra, Queen of the Golgari to see if she knew any thing about it. They encountered some weird stuff on their journey and they were ambushed by green slimes.

The slimes almost slaughtered the party. The swordmage had only one death saving throw left before he became slime food. Oh well.

After the slimes they rested and finally tracked down Savra. She is creepy and after the last battle they decided to parlay with her instead of fighting. They used their skills to sweet talk her into telling them that she sold the necroshard to a Rakdos mage. Now they have to track down this mage and figure out his nefarious plan.