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Digital Portrait of one of my favorite actors, Willen Dafoe.


In Typography class this week the assignment was to make 4 greeting cards. The type is supposed to be star of the show, but of course I spiced things up using my own photography and illustrations to support the type. I also wanted to do a couple of the more unusual holidays and that is why Moon Day and Star Wars day are represented.

greetingcard1 greetingcard4 greetingcard3 greetingcard2

This is from my Black and White Photography Class. I chose Vice as a theme to tie this series together  as well as using a similar light source and smoke effect in each photo. Some of the Vices are more obvious than others. Use your imagination and it should all make sense.

6 of 12 “Flavor” Digital Photo by Marcus Coltrin

Prints available here.


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