Artist Statement

                I like to make characters. I like to imagine the lives my characters live. My paintings are more about story than image. I think this is what people respond to in my work. I can usually predict how quickly one of my paintings will find a new home by the richness of the story it tells. Color and composition are important to me but atmosphere sets the tone that my characters thrive in.

Usually some absurd idea will pester me for attention. These ideas can come from anywhere; a character in a television commercial, a couple arguing on the street or a dumb joke. This idea visits me when I am lying in bed waiting for the Sandman. I revisit these strange notions in my sketchbook. Here they live and mingle. When I decide they have had enough adventures, my bizarre thoughts will be promoted to painting status.

My hobbies involve me playing make believe. I like to live in the skin of another person for brief periods of time and take on their skill sets and prejudices. Using these characters I can perform many heroic or villainous acts with no risk of bodily harm. My best art, however, is of fantastic beings playing the roles of mundane humans. I hope that observing these images provokes a desire to understand the creature’s motivations as well as to explore our own humanity.