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X-Wing photo.

This was a photo I made using X-Wing miniatures by Fantasy Flight. The space background was pulled off the web but the ships and the lazers will all done using photographs of the ships while they were lit with LED throwies. I then photoshopped it all together to make this space scene.Xwing

Classic Boardgame: Stop Thief

One of my favorite things to do is play board games with my family. Today the kiddo and I played Stop Thief.


In this game two players play roles as detectives tracking a thief through the hoity-toity shopping district. Check out this 70’s family having fun playing it.


The main feature of the game is the electronic device that tracks where the thief hides. It’s pretty snazzy. Check out this sweet ad from the 70’s–VlYjNFk


Pick out a detective id card. Most of the detectives look like criminals themselves.


This one is a superhero I guess.


The villains are quite hilarious too.


Each criminal comes with an hilarious dossier.


One of the detectives visits a Subway for fresh sandwiches.


I am glad the game reminded me to play this card on my opponent.


This is a  miniature bar I made for my Champions game. I used a cardboard box, sculpey clay, balsa wood and lotsa acrylic paint.


You too can paint your own creature tokens using old magic cards. Take something super-common like a swamp. Paint it with black paint and then take your acrylic paints and make one-of-a-kind masterpieces to use in your duels.

Here are the trophies I made for the NW Pima Gamers MONOPOLY tournament.

Here is the first place trophy. Second Place…











And third place.

I made these using materials I got at the Goodwill and Ace Hardware.

Here they are next to a Wiimote.

Recently some of my fellow students and myself started a gaming club from scratch. These guys wanted to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons so I am teaching them.

I am saving my major creative energy for other projects now; instead of creating a world from scratch I borrowed the Ravnica: The City of Guilds setting of Magic: The Gathering.

I played this game every week for about a year and the characters are very familiar to me.

The main feature I like about Ravnica is that the city is run by ten guilds that all have very well defined goals. The obvious choice of guild for the party to be aligned with is the Boros Legion. They act as law enforcement in the city.

Captain Eggy  gives their orders. Eggy is a tribute to my friend Neil. Neil was my first longtime dungeon master that died of cancer a while ago. Captain Eggy was one of his characters.

Last week the player characters were called on to quell a zombie uprising.After they defeated the vile undead they found that the undead were being animated by a glowing gem called the necroshard. Now it is up to the PCs to find out who put it there and why. Typically zombies are the soldier of choice for the Golgari Swarm. But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

One thing that is great about Ravnica with so many guilds it is easy to add many layers of intrigue.

Hat’s Games hosted the Annual Free Role Playing Game Day today. They greeted all with a nice bag of Swag as they entered the doors. My bag had this die in it.

The die is a commemorative six-sided die that had this logo where the one pip would normally go. The bag also had some cards to some, game some cards to another game and two rpg adventures. Burgers were available, the game designer John Wick was there and brought a crock pot full of refried beans as well as his effervescent personality.

At the event several people ran their favorite role playing games and guests were welcome to join.

One of the adventures in the bag was Dungeons and Dragons Domain of Dread: Histaven. I played this adventure first hand and felt it had some good encounters but I had to leave before we finished it.

When I got home I read the adventure and felt it had a great story once I found out what was really going on between the villains of the adventure and the horrifying secrets of domains of dread.

There is a great description of the domain and the town of Histaven that is very simple and could be run as a one-shot but also with plenty of room and a obscure enough win condition that it could be turned into a mini campaign with the main villain reoccurring in a kind of Groundhog Day kind of way.

The other adventure was an introductory adventure for Black Crusade rpg called Broken Chains. I haven’t read, read it yet but it comes with 4 pre-generated characters and and a brief description of the rules so you can play without needing Black Crusade’s rulebook and can just jump right in.

This will be excellent because I like to try different games and Broken Chains will be a great thing to play at the break point in my Dungeons and Dragons story arcs.

In summary Free Role Playing Game day is lots of fun with friends and a great way for the gaming industry to turn us on to new things.

Gaming: Megaman Style part 2

One thing that is great about the Mega Man games is when you defeat your opponent you get their weapon to use. What makes this so useful is that another one of the bosses has a weakness to that weapon. i.e. Iceman’s weapon is super effective against Fireman

Defeats                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    btw Megaman is available for purchase on the Wii Virtual Console for $5 and is totally worth it.

In my bi-weekly Dungeons and Dragon’s game I used they concept. My players had received some alchemist’s fire from a defeated enemy so I had them fight some green slimes that have a weakness to fire. It was fun watching the players  so handily defeat their  enemies with crafty fire bombing. The best part was watching how excited they got when their plan worked.

Here are the green slime minis I used that you can make with smashed marbles that you get at the dollar store and some googily eyes that you can get at just about any craft store.

One day I was looking for a map that showed the different realms in Dungeons and Dragons and I came across this image.

Look how fantastic that is! I immediately fell in love with the work and forgot what I was searching for but I saw the top left and that is when I fell in love with Head Injury Theater.

I love how is art looks child like and at the same time you can tell he’s had some training. His career began quite by accident. He was at the Opera Don Giovanni and had trouble understanding the plot so he decided to make a drawing of the characters to help him figure it out.

His opera singer wife scanned the photo and posted on her Opera Singer Forum and within 48 hours he was having offers to put it on T-Shirts and such. It snowballed from there and he now makes are for various board games and role playing games, including Dungeons and Dragons.

Here are some of his best works.

Here is a paining I made influenced by Jared’s style.

Available for purchase here.

I hope you enjoy his art as much as I do.

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