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Digital Portrait of one of my favorite actors, Willen Dafoe.


Robot Leg Study

Studying robots.robot legs

Speed Painting Tank



Here are my submissions for this years SandScript. There are prizes and it’s cool to be published too. FlowersforLGR-non IScreamforEyeScream JohnWilkesBoothRobotAssassain PresidentEvil

Study For A Lincoln Painting

This is a study for a painting I will be doing. This was done in Photoshop and I am really happy with my improvement since taking my figure drawing class with Michael Nolan.LincolnStudy1

The theme of this swap is A Celebration of Villainsvillains. Since it is the time of year for my favorite Christmas movie I included Hans Gruber. Also Skeletor, Big Daddy from Bioshock and a Xenomorph.

Having fun with chromatic grays. Another swap for atcsforall, a fun website for trading art in the mail.snowkings

This is my first foray into the world of inchies which are quarter inch swaps. The theme was steampunk. 

Also I have ATC’s for the Breaking Bad swap. Can you guess all the characters.inchies bad2 bad3 bad4 bad1

Untitled-3 Marvel-swap3 Marvel-swap2 Marvel-swap1

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