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The theme of this swap is A Celebration of Villainsvillains. Since it is the time of year for my favorite Christmas movie I included Hans Gruber. Also Skeletor, Big Daddy from Bioshock and a Xenomorph.

This is my first foray into the world of inchies which are quarter inch swaps. The theme was steampunk. 

Also I have ATC’s for the Breaking Bad swap. Can you guess all the characters.inchies bad2 bad3 bad4 bad1

Untitled-3 Marvel-swap3 Marvel-swap2 Marvel-swap1

Here are some cards I made for a atc swapping website

The theme was coffee. I went with muted colors because I’ve been watching a lot of David Fincher Movies lately.Coffee3whitetrolley Coffee4whitetrolley Coffee2whitetrolley Coffee1whitetrolley

Painting: ACEOs


Scroll down to see all the cards I made for the Witches, Wizards and Magick Swap on ATCs For All, a website for trading Artist Tradin Cards.

These first two cards were actually for the Zany Zetti Zombie Swap, but since I moved a couple weeks ago I didn’t have enough time to finish them but one day before the deadline. I was about to send them and realized I had packed the stamps and couldn’t find them. I withdrew from the swap knowing that there would be another zombie swap coming along soon and could use these then.

These were made using colored pencils because I had packed my paints. Now that I had more time I went over the pencil with paint and went over that with marker.

Fortune smiled on me, however and a new swap came up; Zombie Costume Party. The above cards were perfect for this swap, but the other two weren’t. The two cards below are new ones I made for the swap. I can’t wait to see what zombies shamble into my mailbox.

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