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Robot Monkey Ninja

A sketch for an up coming book cover.robotmonkeyninja


A study for an upcoming illustration project.

Photo assignment for class was to use Photoshop to construct an image using a photo.

This is the first of 3. Only took 2 hours. 😐

Also it is my first self portrait.


This assignment was to paint a portrait in black and white and glaze it with color after it dried. Matthias says this is how the old masters would paint because it was cheaper than painting with color and pigments were real expensive those days.

I picked a portrait of this MMA fighter (not really sure about his name) because of the bruises and sweat on his face. When adding the color I decided to super-exaggerate the colors of the bruises to give it a more fantasy look.


Still Life for class

Still Life for class

Guess Who's Coming?

An underpainting for my next Vaquero Borracho masterpiece.

Painting: Oh My God! It's the Cat!

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20
2013 Marcus Coltrin

C3P0 Punching an Ewok.

C3P0 Punching an Ewok.

My first oil painting ever.
Marcus Coltrin 2013

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