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Painting: President Evil ACEOs

These paintings are just a fun exploration of our obsession with zombies and money. The idea came when doing a zombie artist trading card swap and the results were so excellent that a series seemed the next natural progression.

For purchase.

After a Long Silence

After a Long Silence



Scroll down to see all the cards I made for the Witches, Wizards and Magick Swap on ATCs For All, a website for trading Artist Tradin Cards.

These first two cards were actually for the Zany Zetti Zombie Swap, but since I moved a couple weeks ago I didn’t have enough time to finish them but one day before the deadline. I was about to send them and realized I had packed the stamps and couldn’t find them. I withdrew from the swap knowing that there would be another zombie swap coming along soon and could use these then.

These were made using colored pencils because I had packed my paints. Now that I had more time I went over the pencil with paint and went over that with marker.

Fortune smiled on me, however and a new swap came up; Zombie Costume Party. The above cards were perfect for this swap, but the other two weren’t. The two cards below are new ones I made for the swap. I can’t wait to see what zombies shamble into my mailbox.

Star Wars Artist Trading Cards

More Porkins fun here.

These are some cards that came in the mail from the Fire Element Swap via atcs for all.

What are some handmade things you have received in the mail?






Great website for artist trading card trading atcs for all

This is a commission I did.

These are atcs for the octopi swap.

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