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New Lens

I just got a new lens for my birthday. It’s a high speed lens for shooting in lower light. It also takes pictures with a very shallow depth of field._MG_4798 _MG_4808 _MG_4815 _MG_4833 _MG_4843 _MG_4848 _MG_4850

Painting: Oh My God! It's the Cat!

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20
2013 Marcus Coltrin

Here are two paintings my friends commissioned.

This one is of the Transformer Ironhide. My friend wanted one for her birthday. I am not 100% happy with the composition and would repaint it but hey, free painting and I am moving soon so I don’t have time for a do over.

This is a cheetah for my friend’s sister. I am extremely happy with how this came out.

Tattoos are like cats.

Funny Pictures - Tattoos Are Like Cats Comic
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