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When Cthulhu Met Ani


Painting: Bruja Sunset

The Bruja tells stories of woe. This is the story of a sailing vessel the came too close to the secret world of terrors the live in the cracks in shadows of our own.

This is painting I made by request for a kickstarter campaign to fund a movie The Callgirl of Cthulhu.

This a portrait of Admiral Squid Headington. He is from a race of creatures called Illithids and sometimes called Mind Flayers. It is very difficult for an Illithid to rise to the rank of Admiral because Illithids are a subterranean race.
Illithid admirals are notoriously gullible and fall into even the most basic of ambushes and that is why their battle cry is “It’s a trap!”
This was painted on a gessoed hard board. Squid Headington is not yet for sale cause I have been very busy with art projects and mission trips. href=”https://marcuscoltrin.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/mindflayington.jpg”>

Fishman Painting

This is a 16×20 painting inspired by my digital drawing: Fishman. I focused mainly on color and texture to make this eerie scene.

Taking art classes has developed a habit of making art almost every day.

Ia! Ia! Elelphant fhtagn!

Painting: Heaven and Hell

Got more entries than ever and the winner is

Congratulations Rudy! You get this painting for free. Thanks for sending me your fan art wishes y’all.

Tell me what you would like to see a fan art painting of and if I use your idea I will send it to you for free!


Marcus Coltrin

This is a commission I did.

These are atcs for the octopi swap.

Here is the finished painting for the contest.

It’s Cthulhu! There are no winners yet although I had a lot of guesses for wooly mammoth. Four prizes are available. Enter today.

This painting is available for purchase here.

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