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Painting: Gibbering Wall 2

Painting: Heaven and Hell

All you needs is Sculpey, some paints and some time and you can make a sweet lizard like this one.

Using wire to make a skeleton greatly adds durability to your creations.

I use a dry brushing technique when painting miniatures. I paint the whole figure black and then add layers of color starting with darker tones and using very little paint on my brush.

You can use watered down glue on the base of the figure and drizzle dry grass, sand or some kind of green powder on the still wet glue to make the lizard look like it is standing on grass.

Adding a glaze to figure keeps the paint from flecking off and adds durability to the figure.

Hat’s Games hosted the Annual Free Role Playing Game Day today. They greeted all with a nice bag of Swag as they entered the doors. My bag had this die in it.

The die is a commemorative six-sided die that had this logo where the one pip would normally go. The bag also had some cards to some, game some cards to another game and two rpg adventures. Burgers were available, the game designer John Wick was there and brought a crock pot full of refried beans as well as his effervescent personality.

At the event several people ran their favorite role playing games and guests were welcome to join.

One of the adventures in the bag was Dungeons and Dragons Domain of Dread: Histaven. I played this adventure first hand and felt it had some good encounters but I had to leave before we finished it.

When I got home I read the adventure and felt it had a great story once I found out what was really going on between the villains of the adventure and the horrifying secrets of domains of dread.

There is a great description of the domain and the town of Histaven that is very simple and could be run as a one-shot but also with plenty of room and a obscure enough win condition that it could be turned into a mini campaign with the main villain reoccurring in a kind of Groundhog Day kind of way.

The other adventure was an introductory adventure for Black Crusade rpg called Broken Chains. I haven’t read, read it yet but it comes with 4 pre-generated characters and and a brief description of the rules so you can play without needing Black Crusade’s rulebook and can just jump right in.

This will be excellent because I like to try different games and Broken Chains will be a great thing to play at the break point in my Dungeons and Dragons story arcs.

In summary Free Role Playing Game day is lots of fun with friends and a great way for the gaming industry to turn us on to new things.

Here is the finished painting for the contest.

It’s Cthulhu! There are no winners yet although I had a lot of guesses for wooly mammoth. Four prizes are available. Enter today.

This painting is available for purchase here.

Some cards I made for the Magical Fire Element swap and the Green Fairy swap.

Contest: Who is that?

First the good stuff. If you can tell me who or what is going to be revealed in the foreground of the painting I am showing in this post you will win. The first people to post the correct response on my blog, facebook page, facebook fan page, or twitter will receive a no-prize that I will give them. Is the prize real? Yes. Will it be amazing? Maybe not, but it will be cool. There is no deadline to this contest so you can wait until I reveal the picture and then post if you like and be eligible to win the prize.

There will be one winner for each the media sites I mentioned. People that live in my house are not eligible to win.

This painting was started with a crude sketch and then the darkest areas were filled with black paint.

After that more colors are added to make sure the composition of the painting will be sound. It is better to know these things before spending hours on fine details.

Once the composition is confirmed to be acceptable paint is used to define the base shapes that detail will be added on to.

Next some background detail is added. Now the painting is ready for the fine detail step.

Artist trading cards is a fun hobby. The idea is you make a piece of art on a card that is 2.5″x3.5″ and trade it with artists for their artist trading cards. You can use any media you like and any support you like. Lately I have been painting with acrylics using playing cards for supports.

You can go here to make an account and find different people that like to swap cards in the mail.

A good way to get several cards at once is to sign up for an open swap. This when someone agrees to host a swap for many artists at once. They usually have different themes like Halloween, sunsets or my favorite space octopus. Then you are asked to make three cards that fit the theme and it is also encouraged but not required that you make a bonus card for the host of the swap.

Here are the cards I made for the dark fairy swap.

You can see more atcs I have made here.

You write some info on the back of the cards: your name, location, swap name,card title and you can put your artist website on the cards as well. Then you put the cards in plastic sleeves, put those in an envelope with an SASE and send them to the host. After the trade deadline the host takes all the cards and sends you cards from three different artists.

Here are some cool cards I received from swaps.

The first one is from the “wizard swap” the second one is from the “favorite movie moments swap” and the bottom one is my all time favorite from the “nerd swap.”

Have fun!

A while back I went a week without watching television and you know what happened? This

That is a diorama of a dungeon in a shoebox. Take heed or this could happen to you.

(Click to enlarge)

You will spend hours creating wallpapers and gluing them to the inside of a shoebox. You will make tables and doors out of popsicle sticks and carefully painting them.  See the shackles on the wall next to that eye? You don’t want to know how many twist ties had to perish to create those.

Do you know how many hours it takes to paint these tiny portraits. More time then I have so I had to use stamps and make little frames with cereal boxes and markers.

You have eat at a lot of restaurants to get enough toothpicks to make a portcullis like this one.

Staging photos like this is time consuming as well.

I had find just the right bottle lid for this cauldron. Once you find the lid you like then you have to eat all of the olive oil so you can use it. Nailing feet at just the right angle is no treat either. Cutting those little sticks to the right size for tiny firewood requires the precision of a Swiss jeweler.

This just one of the examples of the horrors of going without television. Other side-effects include: exercise, book reading, talking to friends and family and the cooking of healthy meals. Don’t let this happen to you.

Wayne Reynolds is another artist that has worked with Dungeons and Dragons a lot. My first encounter with Wayne Reynolds art was when I was thumbing through the third edition Monster Manual and saw this gargoyle.

Look how beautiful that is. I looked through the book and found that most of my favorite pictures were also his. He has a very strong style and all of his paintings ooze “cool”.

Later in life I was playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering and realized his art was popping up again and again as I as I crushed my opponents. Here is one of my favorites

See all the drama of being hunted by a creepy vampire. Wayne’s art has been featured in games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Magic: the Gathering and more. See more of Wayne’s art and read about the legend here.

I have also used some his paintings for inspiration in my own work.

I used the wizard from the cover of the 4th Edition Player’s Handbook(left) as a model for this Gryffindor hottie painting(right) I made for my friend.

Mr. Reynolds has lots of experience and offers this advice, “Keep practicing your artwork. Observation is the key. Look at the world and keep drawing what you see.  Most importantly….create artwork in the way that works for you! Your artwork will be better for it. It’s taken me over 20 years of practice to be able to paint how I do…..and I’m still trying to get things right!”

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