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Having fun with chromatic grays. Another swap for atcsforall, a fun website for trading art in the mail.snowkings

Drawing: Jason’s sword.

ImageMy friend Jason let me borrow his sword so I can practice drawing metal weapons. It is a sweet very fantasy style sword with lots of great angles. This first study looks solid but I don’t feel it looks very metal-ly. I will keep working.


Painting: Vaquero Boracho

This is a new character. Vaquero Boracho is a heavy drinking cowboy robot.

This is a sketch for an upcoming painting.

Bad Baby Mixed-Media

Here is a mixed-media project for this weeks challenge at Smudgy Antics – Bad Baby:


Drawing: Devil Eye Man

This is more art for the fantasy portfolio. I can him Eye Man.

Drawing: Where’s My Elephant

My friend commissioned an elephant drawing a week and a half ago. I told her it may take a month to complete. Still, every other day when I see her she asks me, “Where’s my elephant.” It reminds me of the time Bart Simpson won an elephant named Stampy on an episode ofThe Simpsons.

Anyway, here is the elephant in all its glory.

Copyright 2011, Marcus Coltrin

Blast from the past

Here is a drawing from about 17 years ago.

Don’t know what I was really thinking at the time. Apparently this guy hates feet so much he made a banner and cut off his own feet.

The big mystery is why is he mailing them to Al Gore?

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