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This is from my Black and White Photography Class. I chose Vice as a theme to tie this series together  as well as using a similar light source and smoke effect in each photo. Some of the Vices are more obvious than others. Use your imagination and it should all make sense.

4 of 12 “Skull Bottle” Digital Photo by Marcus Coltrin

Prints available here.tonedskullbottle

The Best Earth Has to Offer


When Cthulhu Met Ani


More from the photoshop assignment for class.

Marcus Coltrin zombies2013

shallow1 shallow2

Painting: Angel Warrior

This is a new painting I made using many of the techniques I learned from the amazing Matthias Duwel. This painting uses many chromatic grays and tones of color which is new to me this semester. I mainly always made very saturated paintings and I am glad to have this tool to use in future work. The red hair of the angel is an accent color meant to add interest



I feel this could be strong enough to put into an illustration portfolio. My plan for this next semester in my painting classes is to build an fantasy art portfolio and then start networking conventions.

This a portrait of Admiral Squid Headington. He is from a race of creatures called Illithids and sometimes called Mind Flayers. It is very difficult for an Illithid to rise to the rank of Admiral because Illithids are a subterranean race.
Illithid admirals are notoriously gullible and fall into even the most basic of ambushes and that is why their battle cry is “It’s a trap!”
This was painted on a gessoed hard board. Squid Headington is not yet for sale cause I have been very busy with art projects and mission trips. href=”https://marcuscoltrin.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/mindflayington.jpg”>

Original Painting Red Eye of the Beholder 3×5 is an acrylic painting on Masonite board. It is protected in a matte varnish.

The beholder is one of the great monsters in Dungeons and Dragons. It is inspired by the horror writings of H. P. Lovecraft. It is an alien creature that is a floating orb with many eyes that shoot beams of deadly magic. In this painting it wears a suit.

Buy it here.

Painting: Gibbering Wall 2

Drawing: Devil Eye Man

This is more art for the fantasy portfolio. I can him Eye Man.

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