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The Best Earth Has to Offer


Having fun with chromatic grays. Another swap for atcsforall, a fun website for trading art in the mail.snowkings

More from the photoshop assignment for class.

Marcus Coltrin zombies2013

Painting: Oh My God! It's the Cat!

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20
2013 Marcus Coltrin

Vaquero Borracho is coming!

Painting: Vaquero Boracho

This is a new character. Vaquero Boracho is a heavy drinking cowboy robot.

This is a sketch for an upcoming painting.

Fishman Painting

This is a 16×20 painting inspired by my digital drawing: Fishman. I focused mainly on color and texture to make this eerie scene.

Taking art classes has developed a habit of making art almost every day.

Painting: Orc Shaman

Putting together a fantasy art portfolio. This is my first piece: Orc Shaman.

Scroll down to see all the cards I made for the Witches, Wizards and Magick Swap on ATCs For All, a website for trading Artist Tradin Cards.

Recently some of my fellow students and myself started a gaming club from scratch. These guys wanted to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons so I am teaching them.

I am saving my major creative energy for other projects now; instead of creating a world from scratch I borrowed the Ravnica: The City of Guilds setting of Magic: The Gathering.

I played this game every week for about a year and the characters are very familiar to me.

The main feature I like about Ravnica is that the city is run by ten guilds that all have very well defined goals. The obvious choice of guild for the party to be aligned with is the Boros Legion. They act as law enforcement in the city.

Captain Eggy  gives their orders. Eggy is a tribute to my friend Neil. Neil was my first longtime dungeon master that died of cancer a while ago. Captain Eggy was one of his characters.

Last week the player characters were called on to quell a zombie uprising.After they defeated the vile undead they found that the undead were being animated by a glowing gem called the necroshard. Now it is up to the PCs to find out who put it there and why. Typically zombies are the soldier of choice for the Golgari Swarm. But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

One thing that is great about Ravnica with so many guilds it is easy to add many layers of intrigue.

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