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More from the photoshop assignment for class.

Marcus Coltrin zombies2013

Painting: Orc Shaman

Putting together a fantasy art portfolio. This is my first piece: Orc Shaman.


Painting: Red Robot on Fire


Just a fun painting of a red robot on fire. Visit the store here.

These are some cards that came in the mail from the Fire Element Swap via atcs for all.

What are some handmade things you have received in the mail?

Some cards I made for the Magical Fire Element swap and the Green Fairy swap.

I have been playing a game called Neopets for a looong time. They have an art gallery and you can submit fan art to it. If your art gets published you get 10,000 neopoints, a rare item, and a virtual trophy. My Neopets bank account earns 10,000 neopoints a day so I am not concerned with that. Rare item? Don’t care about that either. What I want is that trophy.

I am going to submit paintings regularly until I get that trophy. Here is my first submission.

That tiger looking thing is a kougra in a karate gi and those menacing creatures are grundo ninjas.

The first scan I did was black and white and came out kind of cool.

I don’t know if these are good enough for the trophy but never the less they are going in. I’ll keep you posted on this little project and will show the trophy when it is finally won because it is your trophy too for supporting independent artists.

P.S. Thanks to James, Nick, Jeremy, Shelley and Courtney for making my birthday so special this year.

Gaming: Magic Item Cards

I run a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with my friends twice a month.  For fun I thought I would use some cards to represent the magic items they would find. Paizo makes some excellent ones you can find here.

Here is an example.Isn’t that spooky. They have space for notes on the back and it would be fun after seeing this card to find ways to work ectoplasm into the story. Maybe it could be a clue left behind at the scene of a murder. Perhaps some wizard needs to collect ectoplasm to make some kind of scary telephone.

Being the artist that I am I decided to make my own cards using index cards and acrylic paints. Here are mine.

They aren’t as fancy but they sure are fun to make and it saves me money.

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