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In Typography class this week the assignment was to make 4 greeting cards. The type is supposed to be star of the show, but of course I spiced things up using my own photography and illustrations to support the type. I also wanted to do a couple of the more unusual holidays and that is why Moon Day and Star Wars day are represented.

greetingcard1 greetingcard4 greetingcard3 greetingcard2

Painting: Silent Departure

One of my goals for the near future is to be an artist for fantasy games. The big two right now are Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. This week I decided to make a painting based on of my new guilty pleasure Magic cards, Silent Departure.

Here is the original art.

The card is a ho-hum bounce card sorcery. Two things I like about the card is the low mana cost of 1 blue. I also like the flashback ability too. Mostly I use bounce cards to remove blockers or to bone a big monster so I don’t mind the slowness of sorcery speed. Also I have a red-blue aggro deck where low cost instants and sorceries flourish.

I made a painting of this based on my own style using my new love, watercolors. I haven’t seen the Innistrad Block style guide so I looked at the other cards to get a feel of what a silent departure card might look like.

I used the flavor text as a key on where to take the art. “The same magic that lets geists pass through our realm can also force them out of it.” Geists are what they call spirits in Innistrad so I looked at all the spirit cards and noticed that they all have a see through quality and that they are mostly just white light. I also noticed that all the geist’s hair floats as if underwater.

The Innistrad set has a colonial America feel and I tried to work that into the art. For my final touch I went back to ages past visuals for bounce spells in Magic. The art for those had monsters being stretched to symbolize that they weren’t being killed but just sent back to where they came from. This was my result.

I like it. The hair could look a little more underwater. I’m not sure if it is MTG quality but I will keep learning and practicing until I sell art to a game.

-Marcus Coltrin

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