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Robot Leg Study

Studying robots.robot legs

Hand study for a future robot project.


Robot Monkey Ninja

A sketch for an up coming book cover.robotmonkeyninja

Speed Painting Tank


Having fun with chromatic grays. Another swap for atcsforall, a fun website for trading art in the mail.snowkings

Guess Who’s Coming?

Guess Who's Coming?

An underpainting for my next Vaquero Borracho masterpiece.

Painting: Oh My God! It's the Cat!

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20
2013 Marcus Coltrin

Painting: Wizard and Octopus Familiar

I am using time spent in my painting class and taking advantage of the brilliant teaching of Matthias Duwel to work on a fantasy art portfolio.

This piece is trying to capture a sinister and kind of silly scene of a wizard and his familiar as they take a break from marauding around the coast.

Painting: Vaquero Boracho

This is a new character. Vaquero Boracho is a heavy drinking cowboy robot.

This is a sketch for an upcoming painting.

Digital Drawing: Pirate

This is what I have been doing all week. Not sure what it’s for but I like it.

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