I picked up some canvas paper the other day. It is super useful as a sketchpad. Sometimes when making a painting there is leftover paint. The sketchpad is great to get out and make rough sketches of ideas for future paintings. It has big sheets of paper and has the same texture that my canvases have.

In the process of designing a logo for my BriskArt Facebook page the sketchbook was used to test out a couple ideas.

This is the first one I made. I really liked the colors but the “B” in the middle of the star looked a little too much like a “3”.

This is the one I put on my zines. I still kind of like it. But I am looking for something that could go on a business card as well.

This is the one I like for now. Will work on it some more for sure. It was painted mostly with a knife except for the “B.”

This is a sketch I did of the “B” that helped me figure how the final “B” should look.

These are some sketches done with left over paint. The monkey eyes came out super cool.