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My last photo for class. I made a munnymetabolism-manspeed of my super-hero Metabolism-Man. I used photoshop to make it look like he is running really fast.

by Marcus Coltrin 2013

More from the photoshop assignment for class.

Marcus Coltrin zombies2013

I am taking suggetions on how to customize these bad boys. Leave a comment on anything you would like me to do with them.


shallow1 shallow2

Zombie Pirate with Disco Lights

Zombie Pirate with Disco Lights

Here is a bevy of items now in my store. More to come tomorrow as well.

Demon Head

Alien Angel

Steampunk Alice

Here is the finished product. Kind of a standard Pirate Zombie, but I like it. Enjoy.




See the first part of this post. Sculpture: Pirate Zombie

Here is the paints and some old frizzy brushes that are good for dry brushing.








Just use small dabs. Dry brushing doesn’t require a lot of paint.









Start with darker shades using just a little paint on the brush. For zombie skin a mixture of ultramarine and yellow ochre is used.









Go with lighter and lighter shades adding depth. Start throwing in details on teeth and stuff. More to come.

Sculpture:Pirate Zombie

Time for a new Mini-Munny. How about Zombie Pirate. Here is the Munny I purchased.









This sweet pirate zombie sketch has been floating around since I drew it a couple months ago during down time a work.










Sculpey clay is used to make the exposed brain.

More to come.


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