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Painting: Will O the Wisp

I call this a Will O the Wisp because I don’t no what to call it.
I had lots of fun using techniques I learned in school while making it.
How do you title non-representational abstracts anyway?
It is 4″ X 6″ acrylic on canvas board
2013 by Marcus Coltrin

Munnys are small vinyl figures for customizing created by kidrobot. Here is one way to customize them.

1) As you can see Munnys are a blank white sculpture.


2) You can add clay to add features to the Munny. Super Sculpey clay works amazingly. After you add the clay baked the figure for about 15 minutes at 200 degrees fahrenheit.


3) For painting the Munny it helps to remove the arms and head. Priming them with a layer of dark paint is good for sinister characters.


4) Drybrush acrylic paint for a gritty look.

5) Ink works really well to add details.

6) Spray with a fixitive to protect your art.


Painting: Robot Crying Over the World He Created 2

Marcus Coltrin, 2012 Acrylic on canvas.

I painted this for a juried art show at school.

Red Sculpey Devil

Red Sculpey Devil

Venturing back into artistic sculpture. More to come.

Painting: Red Robot on Fire


Just a fun painting of a red robot on fire. Visit the store here.

Some cards I made for the Magical Fire Element swap and the Green Fairy swap.

Artist trading cards is a fun hobby. The idea is you make a piece of art on a card that is 2.5″x3.5″ and trade it with artists for their artist trading cards. You can use any media you like and any support you like. Lately I have been painting with acrylics using playing cards for supports.

You can go here to make an account and find different people that like to swap cards in the mail.

A good way to get several cards at once is to sign up for an open swap. This when someone agrees to host a swap for many artists at once. They usually have different themes like Halloween, sunsets or my favorite space octopus. Then you are asked to make three cards that fit the theme and it is also encouraged but not required that you make a bonus card for the host of the swap.

Here are the cards I made for the dark fairy swap.

You can see more atcs I have made here.

You write some info on the back of the cards: your name, location, swap name,card title and you can put your artist website on the cards as well. Then you put the cards in plastic sleeves, put those in an envelope with an SASE and send them to the host. After the trade deadline the host takes all the cards and sends you cards from three different artists.

Here are some cool cards I received from swaps.

The first one is from the “wizard swap” the second one is from the “favorite movie moments swap” and the bottom one is my all time favorite from the “nerd swap.”

Have fun!

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