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Hand study for a future robot project.


Robot Monkey Ninja

A sketch for an up coming book cover.robotmonkeyninja

Some things are universal.


Here are my submissions for this years SandScript. There are prizes and it’s cool to be published too. FlowersforLGR-non IScreamforEyeScream JohnWilkesBoothRobotAssassain PresidentEvil

This is my first foray into the world of inchies which are quarter inch swaps. The theme was steampunk. 

Also I have ATC’s for the Breaking Bad swap. Can you guess all the characters.inchies bad2 bad3 bad4 bad1

Drunk Robot Problems

vacquero vacquero

Guess Who’s Coming?

Guess Who's Coming?

An underpainting for my next Vaquero Borracho masterpiece.

Vaquero Borracho is coming!

Painting: Vaquero Boracho

This is a new character. Vaquero Boracho is a heavy drinking cowboy robot.

This is a sketch for an upcoming painting.

Painting: Close But No Cigar

I didn’t win any awards at the Student Juried Art Show. I made it in though. There were dozens of submissions and my painting was one of the the four paintings selected for the show.

Here is me next to my painting: 








Here are my other paintings in the Pima College West Campus student gallery at school. I am very happy my art is hanging somewhere people can see it but still a little bummed I didn’t win an award.

This is still a major victory! I’ll be even more ready for the next one.


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