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I saw this sweet book at the library today.

It is a children’s book. The book has pictures of a thing, then it has the picture of its opposite. It has a picture of a furry Star Trek monster with the word furry under it. The next picture is that strange lizard from the worst fight scene ever. That one is a picture for scaly. Scaly is the opposite of furry I guess.

I enjoy the pictures but my favorite part was “Explore strange new words,”  written on the back. The book is for children, but hipsters that enjoy trek would find it excellent as well.

This book can be purchased online here.

Fan art Friday!

New idea! Fan art Friday. On Fridays I will post a fan art painting that I make. I will need your help though. Message me here or Facebook or anywhere with ideas for what painting I should make. If I choose your idea you can have the painting for free.

Here is this week’s painting.

This week the first person willing to message me their address can get this 8.5″ x 12″ painting of Lieutenant Commander Data. Message me. United States only for now.

“Darmok” Zine

You want something for free? It is a zine of posters of jokes about the “Darmok” episode of Star Trek: TNG. Esoteric? Sure it is. Free? It will be until I lose the will to pay to make more zines.

Email me at marcuscoltrin@gmail.com with your address if you want a copy of the zine.

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