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Zine: The Vestibule of Hell

This Zine was made by my brother and myself. He just moved to Portland, OR and he proposed this project so we could do something together even though he is far away. He is good at writing and I am good at drawing, so we joined forces and created this zine.
It is kind of reverse illustration. I made the pictures first and then he wrote stories to go with the pictures. It is 22 pages of goodness.


This is some of the cool stuff you can get when you join the mail swapping community.

These are two sweet post cards that were extra added gifts in a online zine swap.

A zine is a self published magazine usually involving photo copiers. Players traded zines via the mail with swap partners that were found on swap-bot.com.

These were the one I received.

Swaps are fun because you get to make something and share it with people around the world. It is also fun to get things in the mail. When is the last time you got something in the mail that wasn’t a bill or ad? Also what you get is handmade and from the heart. Handmade things are cool because whatever it is it was made for you and has genuine love in it.

What is the coolest thing you have gotten in the mail?

“Darmok” Zine

You want something for free? It is a zine of posters of jokes about the “Darmok” episode of Star Trek: TNG. Esoteric? Sure it is. Free? It will be until I lose the will to pay to make more zines.

Email me at marcuscoltrin@gmail.com with your address if you want a copy of the zine.

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