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In Typography class this week the assignment was to make 4 greeting cards. The type is supposed to be star of the show, but of course I spiced things up using my own photography and illustrations to support the type. I also wanted to do a couple of the more unusual holidays and that is why Moon Day and Star Wars day are represented.

greetingcard1 greetingcard4 greetingcard3 greetingcard2

More from the photoshop assignment for class.

Marcus Coltrin zombies2013

Zombie Pirate with Disco Lights

Zombie Pirate with Disco Lights

Painting: Hello Kitty Zombie

I have been making bottle cap pendants for necklaces and my friend said she wanted a zombie Hello Kitty one.

The image would be made using a larger image and shrink it to fit in the pendent. I used wood board for the support. I like how they don’t warp and I like how smooth the surface is.  Stay tuned for the finished pendant.

Here is the finished product. Kind of a standard Pirate Zombie, but I like it. Enjoy.




Sculpture:Pirate Zombie

Time for a new Mini-Munny. How about Zombie Pirate. Here is the Munny I purchased.









This sweet pirate zombie sketch has been floating around since I drew it a couple months ago during down time a work.










Sculpey clay is used to make the exposed brain.

More to come.


Painting: President Evil ACEOs

These paintings are just a fun exploration of our obsession with zombies and money. The idea came when doing a zombie artist trading card swap and the results were so excellent that a series seemed the next natural progression.

For purchase.

After a Long Silence

After a Long Silence


Congratulations to Scrapunzel1 for her great suggestion of Jim Abbott, the great one-handed MLB pitcher.

There were a lot of great ideas: George Takei, Pig Farmer, Davy Jones the Pirate, Rick Allen of Def Leppard , and Sherlock Holmes.

It was a close call between Abbott, Davy Jones and Rick Allen. Davy Jones would have been great with his squid head but I didn’t feel confident enough with my skill to give him a peg leg. That left Abbott and Allen and what it came down to was Abbott was missing the same arm/hand my Munny was missing and Rick Allen wasn’t.

So here is the Munny.

Congratulations Scrapunzel1

Tragedy has struck.

One of my Mini-Munnys arms has broken off.

I don’t feel right about just gluing it back on and selling it.

So it seems like a good idea to make it part of a give away contest.

A zombie give away.

Rules are simple: Comment on my blog about what kind of Zombie I should turn my one-armed Munny into i.e movie characters or anything clever. If I like your suggestion I will make the Munny and give it to you free.

Accessorize: I also have these three awesome accessories if that helps you come up any good ideas.

School ends May 15th and I will make my decision then. You will receive the Munny by the end of May.

People that share this post and follow this blog will get special consideration. 😉

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