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Capt. Spaulding is easily the most evil clown in movies. Here is a little sculpture made with the Mini Munny figures sold by KidRobot.

Here is the second painting voted for by the people.

This is why you should vote people. You end up with scary sh** like this if you don’t.

Click on photo to see my other art.

Coming soon! Fan art Friday!

Richard Sala is an amazing comic artist. Many of you might remember his cartoon “Invisible Hands” on MTVs Liquid Television.

It was a six part mini series that aired in two minute segments while you were waiting for Aeon Flux to come on.

Sala also made some great comics like “Thirteen O’Clock” which is now in a great collection called “Maniac Killer Strikes Again.”

One of the most amazing zombie stories ever is “The Grave Robbers Daughter.”

It is another one of Sala’s masterpieces that features a female detective who’s car breaks down near creepy town that is overrun with scary undead clowns.

Below is my favorite clown picture of all time.

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