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My last photo for class. I made a munnymetabolism-manspeed of my super-hero Metabolism-Man. I used photoshop to make it look like he is running really fast.

by Marcus Coltrin 2013

For your pleasure here is the first Metabolism-Man comic in 7 years. It’s not perfect but it’s a good habit as an artist to produce regularly and it’s fun. There will be more issues to follow as well as reissues of Classic Metabolism-Man. Enjoy.

Where are these people? I don’t know looks like a restaurant I used to work at that I really would prefer not to mention. That guy named Matt looks kind of how I looked when I worked there.

That guy calling the police is on a mobile phone that looks like a flip phone. This should tell you how long ago I started drawing this particular issue. You can’t really tell but he is under a table or behind a table or something I don’t really remember.

                        This next part is the first appearance of Metabolism-Man in over 7 years of real time but could be just as long comic time too. If you are wondering what is the deal with the dialog that is me trying to be funny.

                            That “Kaboom!” is the bathroom exploding. That donut thing is a toilet seat. You will notice that Metabolism-Man accuses Mr. Boom Boom of monologueing. He isn’t really monologueing is he?

I’m not sure to admit my own stupidity as a writer or just say that Metabolism-Man is stupid. Whatevs.

So M-Man is supposed to be holding up some drawings he made in panels 3 and 4. You might be saying to yourself “I didn’t see him make any drawings.” Well M-Man has super speed and drew those so fast that you missed it.

Who is Mr. Mayor? He is a character from the old M-Man comics. You will learn more of him soon.

There you have the new Metabolism-Man. Since it is so easy and convenient to make these blog style you may see more of the blue bolt around unless you start an email campaign begging me to quit. btw Metabolism-Man wears a blue costume.

Here is the Metabolism-Man #0 that I made when we lived in New Jersey. This one has what I feel is the best art and story telling so I decided it would be a good one for y’all. Enjoy!

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